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All The Unnamed
€ 18.90
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lumine - All The Unnamed


All The Unnamed

€ 18.90

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. Scie 1617 | YEAR. (2017)

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Lumina is the trio of Graham Stewart, John Whyte and Timo Van Luijk, all of whom draw on long and distinguished careers in experimental sound - Stewart and Whyte collaborating since the mid 80’s, within the Canadian outfit Violence And The Sacred. All The Unnamed, recorded across 2015 and 2016, represents the project’s debut. It’s a stunning start. Built from the delicate interplay of sparse electronics and acoustic instrumentation, the trio constructs a dark and elaborate ambient world - an almost dystopian spectre, which answers the optimism of electronic music’s origins with a sprawling sonic cloud. All The Unnamed is so rich in its sombre mood, that its might be used as a hypothetical alternate soundtrack for the more harrowing moments of an Andrei Tarkovsky film. What make the album so startling, beyond the character and interactions of its textures and tones, is its remarkable sense of time. It denies the easy gratifications of the ear - dredging the depths at meticulously slow pace. A stunning debut by a project that it bound to bring great things to the future. An absolute must for fans of the darker complex realms of electronic and electroacoustic practice, and cold crystalline ambient sound. Available in a very limited edition of 300 copies, so don’t wait.

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