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steve roden - I speak through a hole in my head...

steve roden

I speak through a hole in my head...

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GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: BOOK | CATALOG N. npib 11 | YEAR. (2002)

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the series of texts was originally spoken improvisationally into a micro cassette recorder while driving to and from my studio in 1988. nothing was written down or planned before i pressed 'record'. the entire work is printed here. unedited and in the order spoken. the periods mark the ending of each recorded segment. some of the pieces are responses to things seen and some are about speaking, and the sounds of words. i would suggest not only a mental reading, but a verbal one as well.

the drawings are from a series of 80 that were done in the car while stopped at red lights. i began each drawing as the light turned red and i ended as the light turned green. they are presented here in actual size.
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