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peter gordon - david van tieghem x ten - Winter Summer

peter gordon - david van tieghem x ten

Winter Summer

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GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CDx5 | CATALOG N. FOOM 006EP | YEAR. (2016)

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Unearthed before Peter Gordon & David Van Tieghem collaboration from 1978, featuring vocals from special guest Kathy Acker, author of post-modern classic Blood And Guts In High School (1984). Gordon and Van Tieghem play all of the instruments and electronics, overdubbing on a 1" 8-track recorder. The result is intimate and vulnerable, yet ice cold and edgy. "Winter" is a cold-wave, proto-techno track. "Summer" is a lyrical and romantic instrumental. With Van Tieghem's drumming laying down the bedrock, the acoustic piano and vari-speeded marimba take turns drifting in-and-out of the foreground. Artwork features two new original, drawings by Laurie Anderson.

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