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Alessandro Alessandroni

Composer, conductor, arranger, mandolinist, guitarist, accordionist, sitarist, whistler and pianist, Alessandro Alessandroni has worked on over 50 movie soundtracks and documentaries and collaborated on thousands.
Today he is honoured for his major contribution to music which has come to characterize Italian cinema especially the scores of the Italian Western of Sergio Leone. Alessandro was and still is an ardent fan of the 19th Century Russian composers. He believes their passion and soulful melancholia makes their music touch the deepest sensitivities of the soul. Alessandroni still favors string instruments, including those he first encountered at the barbershop, the mandolin and classical guitar. For him, their rich melodic tones have the unique ability to vibrate and resonate with the intimate complexities of the human heart.

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La Natura E L'Uomo Alessandro Alessandroni - Amedeo Tommasi - Kema (Giulia Alessandroni) La Natura E L'Uomo INTERVALLO INT010 Library/Soundtracks LP 21    
Sangue di Sbirro Alessandro Alessandroni Sangue di Sbirro Four Flies Flies 15 Library/Soundtracks LP 24.90    
Di Tresette ce n'è uno, tutti gli altri son nessuno Alessandro Alessandroni Di Tresette ce n'è uno, tutti gli altri son nessuno Overdrive ODR038LP Library/Soundtracks LP 22.90    
Il Tempo Dello Spirito Alessandro Alessandroni Il Tempo Dello Spirito SPETTRO SPL05 Library/Soundtracks LP 23.90    
Ust 370 - Caratteristici Vari Alessandro Alessandroni Ust 370 - Caratteristici Vari SONOR Music Editions SME 021LP Library/Soundtracks LP 25.90