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Giovanni Venosta

Giovanni Venosta (1961) is an Italian composer who specializes in collages of samples (mainly ethnic music), found sounds, live improvisation.

Member of Roberto MUSCI, Giovanni Venosta
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Olympic Signals (Lp) Giovanni Venosta Olympic Signals (Lp) Soave SV07 Electronic LP 22.90    
The Loa Of Music (2Lp) Roberto MUSCI The Loa Of Music (2Lp) Soave Soave003 Electronic LPx2 27.90    
Olympic Signals (Lp Clear) Giovanni Venosta Olympic Signals (Lp Clear) Soave SV07 Electronic LP 29.90  
Out of stock
The Loa Of Music (2Lp Clear) Roberto MUSCI The Loa Of Music (2Lp Clear) Soave Soave003 Electronic LPx2 34  
Out of stock
Tower Of Silence (2Lp) Roberto MUSCI Tower Of Silence (2Lp) MUSIC FROM MEMORY MFM014 Electronic LPx2 23.90  
Out of stock
Debris Of A Loa Roberto MUSCI Debris Of A Loa LOWLANDS LOW 009 Music from Italy CD digipack 15.00  
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