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Lasse Marhaug (born September 10, 1974) is a Norwegian musician who primarily works in the field of noise music but frequently drifts into other areas such as improvisation, jazz, rock and extreme metal. Marhaug has also been involved in creating music for theatre, dance, art installations and video art. Active since the early 1990s, he has participated as a performer and composer on over 200 releases in CD, vinyl and cassette tape formats. Marhaug tours extensively, and is a frequent collaborator. He currently participates in the projects Jazkamer/Jazzkammer, Nash Kontroll (with Mats Gustafsson and Dror Feiler), DEL and Testicle Hazard. Defunkt projects include Origami Replika and Lasse Marhaug Band. Other collaborative partners include Merzbow, Carlos Giffoni, Maja Ratkje, Alan Courtis, Ronnie Sundin, Nordvargr, The Skull Defekts and John Wiese.



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It's Not The End Of The World Lasse MARHAUG It's Not The End Of The World QUASI POP RECORDS qpop cd043 Noise CD digipack 12.45    
The quiet North Lasse MARHAUG The quiet North SECOND LAYER RECORDS SLR 003 Experimental CD 11.99    
The Sky Above The Bud Below Lasse MARHAUG The Sky Above The Bud Below PRESTO P!?012 Noise TAPE 7.00    
Quality Control Lasse MARHAUG Quality Control ANOEMA Nocd 040 Experimental CD 13.00  
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Spaghetti western rainbow Lasse MARHAUG Spaghetti western rainbow UTECH RECORDS URCD002 Noise CD 13.00  
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Tapes 1990-1999 Lasse MARHAUG Tapes 1990-1999 PICA DISK PICA 001 Noise 4-CDs 26.00  
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