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Le Forte Four

Le Forte Four were the earliest group in the collective of avant-garde music anarchists known as the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS). With their music combining loose experimental improvisation on both conventional instruments and household items with stuff taped off television cartoons or taken from records as well as lo-fi electronics, Le Forte Four were pioneers of sampling, even as their D.I.Y. ethic paved the way for the punk movement a few years later.

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Hallucinatory Huareches Le Forte Four Hallucinatory Huareches SLOWSCAN slowscan 29 Electronic LP 26    
Bikini Tennis Shoes Le Forte Four Bikini Tennis Shoes √Čtats-Unis ETAT04 Electronic LP 24.90  
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Boris The Spider/Priceless Le Forte Four Boris The Spider/Priceless CORTICAL FOUNDATION CORTI 028 Experimental CD + Vinyl 7'' 19.99  
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