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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Die Erde und Ich sind Eins (Lp + book) Florian Fricke Die Erde und Ich sind Eins (Lp + book) WAH WAH RECORDS LPS190 Experimental LP 23.90    
Sei still, wisse Ich Bin POPOL VUH Sei still, wisse Ich Bin WAH WAH RECORDS LPS191 Experimental LP 21.90    
Musikautomatika Musikautomatika Musikautomatika WAH WAH RECORDS LPS167 Electronic LP 21.90    
Voyage Cerebral Didier Bocquet Voyage Cerebral WAH WAH RECORDS LPS193 Electronic LP 21.90    
Galaxy My Dear J. B. Banfi Galaxy My Dear WAH WAH RECORDS LPS192 Electronic LP 21.90    
Musique Electronique Du Cosmos Jean-Jacques Perrey Musique Electronique Du Cosmos WAH WAH RECORDS LPS194 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
9:30 FLY 9 30 FLY 9:30 FLY WAH WAH RECORDS LPS183 Psych LP 21.90    
1976 Gunter Schickert - GAM 1976 WAH WAH RECORDS LPS175 Psych LP 21.90    
Stuck in Paradise Sweet Marie Stuck in Paradise WAH WAH RECORDS LPS177 Psych LP 23.90    
The Book Of Intxixu The Book Of Intxixu The Book Of Intxixu WAH WAH RECORDS LPS179 Library/Soundtracks LP 38    
In Fields of Ardath Eyes Of Blue In Fields of Ardath WAH WAH RECORDS LPS174 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
Collage Baba Yaga Collage WAH WAH RECORDS LPS172 Experimental LP 21.90    
Featuring Ingo Werner Baba Yaga Featuring Ingo Werner WAH WAH RECORDS LPS171 Experimental LP 21.90    
1 Sweet Marie 1 WAH WAH RECORDS LPS176 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
Freedom' s Lament Callinan-Flynn Freedom' s Lament WAH WAH RECORDS LPS182 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
Rendezvous With The Sun Howard Wales Rendezvous With The Sun WAH WAH RECORDS LPS180 Library/Soundtracks LP+bonus 7'' 21.90    
Spectral Nether Street Bodast Spectral Nether Street WAH WAH RECORDS LPS181 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
Sexedelic Sexedelic Sexedelic WAH WAH RECORDS LPS186 Library/Soundtracks LP 23.90    
Psychedelic Dance Party The Vampires' Sound Incorporation Psychedelic Dance Party WAH WAH RECORDS LPS185 Library/Soundtracks LP 23.90    
The Forest of My Mind Paul Parrish The Forest of My Mind WAH WAH RECORDS Mapache 010 Library/Soundtracks LP 23.90    
Crossroads of Time Eyes Of Blue Crossroads of Time WAH WAH RECORDS LPS173 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
The Mike Cotton Sound Mike Cotton Sound The Mike Cotton Sound WAH WAH RECORDS LPS169 Library/Soundtracks LP 21.90    
Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley Brave New World Impressions On Reading Aldous Huxley WAH WAH RECORDS LPS168 Experimental LP 21.90    
Lucifer's Dream Ralf Nowy Lucifer's Dream WAH WAH RECORDS LPS166 Experimental LP 21.90    
Afire Niagara Afire WAH WAH RECORDS LPS165 Experimental LP 21.90