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New Arrivals

Kivikkat, The Greenland Experience (Book + Dvd)
**100 copies, signed (by Hartmut Geerken) & numbered** Nuuk in the evening. The audience sits at round tables and drinks juices or beer. Kresten Osgood goes to …
Book + Dvd | €24.00
Labyrinth – Four Times Through the labyrinth (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English version * Transcript of four lectures given in Leipzig in 2010 regarding an installation Olaf Nicolai made in Paris back in 1998. This pub…
Book | €12.00
These are Situationist Times! (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English edition * An in-depth history of the landmark situationist international periodical edited by artist Jacqueline de Jong from 1962–67. This…
Book | €38.00
A Forest Petrifies – Diamond Feedback (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English edition * The first part of a larger novel in several episodes: a text about the perception of time and how some places mark people's mind…
Book | €10.00
Judy Chicago – To Sustain The Vision (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English edition. * Monograph bringing together some fifty works by Judy Chicago and unpublished documents, accompanied by three critical texts by …
Book | €26.00
Studio_L28 – Sonic Perspectives on Urbanism (Book)
A multifaceted examination of sound as a central feature in urban planning. Though sound is a central feature within urban life, it still receives little to no …
Book | €12.00
The Story of Bern, [or] Showing Colors
* 2021 Stock. English edition * The seminal tale of Iannone's advocacy for sexual liberation. “As much as Love and Eros have defined my work since its beginning…
Book | €40.00
Censorship and The Irrepressible Drive Toward Love and Divinity (Book)
* 2021 Stock. Bilingual edition (English / German) * This publication sheds light on Dorothy Iannone's work in relation to censorship, based on her artist's boo…
Book | €45.00
LSD #01 – A Feminist Issue (Magazine)
* Bilingual edition (English / French) * The first issue of the Cahiers du centre national du graphisme, around the relationship between graphic design and femi…
Magazine | €12.00
Another time, this time, one time (LP+Poster)
* Limited release of 500 in heavy weight gatefold jacket. Includes liner notes and fold out poster * Formed in 2016 as the collaborative platform of composer Ju…
LP+Poster | €19.90
Tapuscrits – Poèmes-Partitions, Biopsies, Passe-Partout (Book)
* 2021 Stock. French edition * The collection of typescripts of the pioneer of sound poetry: a monument of some 1200 pages that offers an original approach to o…
Book | €50.00
Beyond Sound (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English Edition* Exploring the infra-spaces between images, sound, and voice in the work of artist Marcelline Delbecq, in conversation with art hi…
Book | €12.00
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Beyond Sound (Book)
* 2021 Stock. English edition * This interview with Romain Kronenberg by curator Anne-Laure Chamboissier traces the filmmaker's progression, from his first proj…
Book | €12.00
Sick Soundtrack (LP)
* Edition of 300* The end of the 1970s was an historical period of great social and cultural tensions and changes, the Gaznevada band was formed within this con…
LP | €25.90
Aural Tools Box (Wooden Box, Art Edition)
Lovely wooden box containing the complete series of seven aural tools, each in its own box. Few copies available
sound object | €200.00
Minuzia consists in an acoustic version of an audio installation that the French bassoon player Dafne Vicente-Sandoval had been presenting at a few sound art ex…
sound object | €20.00

Best Sellers

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La Marche Dans Le Désert (LP)
* First ever vinyl reissue of this French free jazz nugget from Sahib Shihab & Jef Gilson Unit Remastered from the master tapes * Paris, February 1972. A few mo…
LP | €21.90
New York Total Music Company 1968 - SWR Broadcast (LP)
Restocked, very last copies ** Private edition, limited to 107 hand-numbered copies ** Broadcast from SWR, recorded at 10th Deutsches Jazzfestival Frankfurt, Ge…
LP | €23.90
I Want Some Water (LP)
**Edition of 500** Born in Mississippi in 1937 and beginning to play the saxophone at 14, Billie Harris relocated to Los Angeles in 1965 after a 4 year stint in…
LP | €32.00
Plux Quba (LP)
**In process of stocking** Nuno Canavarro’s Plux Quba hails from three decades in the past, yet the simple profile of it’s abstract/ambient/cutup collage makes …
LP | €21.90

Upcoming Releases

Gaznevada (Marbled LP)
Colored LP | €31.90
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