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New Arrivals

Istikhbars and Improvisations (LP)
Mustapha Skandrani. Besides having an excellent name, this man, a luminary of Algerian music, possessed a unique musical sense, able to transcend the borders of…
LP | €26.90
In the Court of King Crimson (Book)
** Hardback book, 632 pages, 624 + 8 pages of photos ** Sid Smith’s In The Court Of King Crimson: An Observation Over 50 Years traces King Crimson’s career from…
Book | €19.90
Camembert Electrique (LP)
Camembert Electrique is the second studio album by the progressive rock band Gong, recorded and originally released in 1971 on the French BYG Actuel label. The …
LP | €25.90
Everything Nice (LP)
tip ** Edition of 100. Super Limited, instantly sold out at source ** Some presents Everything Nice by BJ Nilsen, Ragnar Jónsson, Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson. Re…
LP | €24.90
Un Tentativo Sentimentale (LP)
Un Tentativo Sentimentale is the first film by the novelist Pasquale Festa Campanile, written and directed together with Massimo Franciosa in 1963. The film fit…
LP | €17.90
Il Diavolo (LP)
Winner of the Goldener Bär at the 1963 Berlin Film Festival, Il Diavolo is the third feature film by director Gian Luigi Polidoro, an Italian film irregular who…
LP | €17.90
Il Boom (LP)
WHP preset a reissue of Piero Piccioni's original score for Il Boom, originally released on CAM in 1963. Written by Cesare Zavattini, directed by Vittorio De Si…
LP | €17.90
Psychedelic And Underground Music (LP)
Edition of 300, red vinyl. The Psycheground Group has been a completely mysterious band for a very long time, about whom nothing was known except the fact that …
LP | €23.90
Anthology of Experimental Music from Peru
* Edition of 200 * Once overlooked as a source of great music, producing everything from psychedelia to punk, and ethereal bliss to powerful riffs, Peru is rapi…
CD | €13.00
The title Indústria was chosen by Eddie Prevost in tribute to the history behind the Museu Industrial de Bala do Tejo, in Portugal where this concert took place…
CD | €13.00
American pianist Marilyn Crispell joined London Improviser's Orchestra saxophonist & clarinetist Harry Smith and AMM drummer Eddie Prévost for this 2012 concert…
CD | €13.00
The Whole Moon Rests In A Dewdrop On The Grass
Tip! Performing live at Cafe OTO in London, 2018, Japanese sound artist and composer Ken Ikeda comes together with percussionist and Matchless label-leader Eddi…
CD | €13.00
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Blusens Fasong (LP)
** Limited edition of 300 copies. Includes an insert, download code and a UE sticker. **The Norwegian wunderking of demented psychedelic song (de)structure is b…
LP | €19.90
Browse (LP)
** Limited edition of 300 copies. Includes an insert, download code and a UE sticker. ** Ōgon Batto is an exercise in patience; indeed, a model of restraint in …
LP | €19.90
We Have Delivered Ourselves From the Tonal - Of, Towards, On, For Julius Eastman (Book)
* Softcover, English, 260 pages, B/W*An absolutely stunning achievement, “We Have Delivered Ourselves From the Tonal – Of, Towards, On, For Julius Eastman” - pu…
Book | €19.90
Franco Battiato (Lp)
Franco Battiato also known as "Za" was the first album for Ricordi, and the Franco Battiato's conceptualism becomes very rigorous and authoritative. It is made …
LP | €23.90

Best Sellers

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Solos (4LP Box-set)
Deluxe boxed LP set of Graham Lambkin's first four solo records, including an expansive book featuring essays and unseen photos. LPs included are: "Poem (For Vo…
4LP Box-set | €98.00
L'Uomo Elettronico (2LP)
An absolutely stunning accomplishment, Piero Umiliani's L'Uomo Elettronico - sprawling across 2 LPs issued by the Rome based imprint Four Flies - delves into th…
2LP | €29.90
1 / 3 + 2 / 3 + 3 / 3 (3LP bundle)
This special bundle collects all three Deadline Paranoia albums released by Ongerhoord between 2018 and 2021: 1 / 3 (LP, 2018)2 / 3 (LP, 2018)3 / 3 (LP, 2021)1 …
3LP bundle | €60.00
Musica Per Insiemi (LP)
* In process of stocking * Tip! If it were possible to relate images with Giovanni Di Domenico's music, the most plausible would be those of forms painted with …
LP | €19.90

Upcoming Releases

CD | €18.90
CD | €18.90
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