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R. Keenan Lawler

For over a decade, Louisville's R. Keenan Lawler has been quietly evolving a highly personal and exploratory language on the resonator guitar which has been called "cosmic, monolithic and deeply American". His music is informed by sources ranging from Carnatic classical, Charles Ives, Albert Ayler, blues, minimalism and non western trance musics. Although primarily a solo performer he is best known for his collaborative work. The Keyhole II album he recorded with Pelt and metal worker Eric Clark is one of Pelt's most beautiful and memorable recordings, and the recording of his guitar playing in a sewer pipe in Louisville is featured on Matmos' The Civil War. He has also performed or collaborated with a wide range of musicians including Rhys Chatham, John Butcher, Charalambides Ignaz Schick, Philip Samartzis, My Morning Jacket, Kevin Drumm, David Watson and Lukas Ligeti.


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