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Soft Machine

The Canterbury school of British progressive-rock was born when Hugh Hopper, Robert Wyatt, Richard Sinclair, Pye Hastings, Richard Coughlan, Kevin Ayers formed the Wilde Flowers. Sinclair, Hastings and Coughlan went on to form the Caravan, while Wyatt, Ayers, Hopper and their friend Daevid Allen formed the Soft Machine. Soft Machine's third album is one of rock's masterpieces, and their fourth and sixth album are not much less original. Their sound was ahead of their time, and ahead of everybody's time. One of Britain's leading magazine ("Q") called their fourth album "It really is unlistenable rubbish". Rubbish has rarely been more captivating and influential. While most "next big things" of the era have been long forgotten and buried, Soft Machine's masterpieces inspired generations of musicians. The Moon In June will remain in the essential canon of music well after rock music has disappeared.
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