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Klaus Schulze

Born August 4th 1947, Schulze initially made his mark as a drummer, first with the group Psy Free, later with Tangerine Dream (he played on their first album "Electronic Meditation" before he quit) and Ash Ra Tempel (with Manuel Göttsching). In 1971 Schulze started a solo career as an electronic musician and released a couple of heavily experimental albums, "Irrlicht" and "Cyborg". 1974's "Blackdance" was the first release where he used a "real" synthesizer, and later in the 70's he would record albums such as "Moondawn", "Mirage" and "X" and embark on several tours, documented across a number of live albums.

Member of ASH RA TEMPEL, COSMIC JOKERS, Klaus Schulze
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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Timewind (Lp) Klaus Schulze Timewind (Lp) BRAIN 0602557893069 Psych LP 23.90    
Mirage 2017 Remastered (Lp) Klaus Schulze Mirage 2017 Remastered (Lp) BRAIN 0602557893069 Psych LP 23.90    
Moondawn 2017 Remastered (Lp) Klaus Schulze Moondawn 2017 Remastered (Lp) BRAIN 0602557903256 Psych LP 23.90    
X 2017 Remastered (2Lp) Klaus Schulze X 2017 Remastered (2Lp) BRAIN 0602557892864 Psych LPx2 28.90    
Picture Music 2017 Remastered (Lp) Klaus Schulze Picture Music 2017 Remastered (Lp) BRAIN 0602557892864 Psych LP 23.90    
Blackdance 2017 Remastered (Lp) Klaus Schulze Blackdance 2017 Remastered (Lp) BRAIN 0602557892475 Psych LP 23.90    
Cyborg 2017 Remastered (2Lp) Klaus Schulze Cyborg 2017 Remastered (2Lp) BRAIN 0602557892949 Psych LPx2 28.90    
La Vie Electronique Volume 1.0  (2 LP white vinyl) Klaus Schulze La Vie Electronique Volume 1.0 (2 LP white vinyl) One Way Static Records OWS024 Psych LPx2 38    
Live in Melbourne ASH RA TEMPEL Live in Melbourne MG ART MG.ART 602 Experimental LP 26.90    
Mirage Klaus Schulze Mirage MIG Music GmbH MIG 01560 CD Electronic CD 14.90    
Galactic Supermarket COSMIC JOKERS Galactic Supermarket Victory VKM 58010LP Psych LP 18.90    
Correlations Complete ASH RA TEMPEL Correlations Complete MG ART MGART 114 Electronic 5CD Box 55    
The Cosmic Jokers COSMIC JOKERS The Cosmic Jokers KLIMT MJJ325LP Electronic Vinyl LP 16.90    
La Vie Electronique 5 Klaus Schulze La Vie Electronique 5 MADE IN GERMANY MiG 00142 3CD Electronic CDx3 BOX 19.99    
Le Berceau de Cristal ASH RA TEMPEL Le Berceau de Cristal MG.ART MGART 132CD Library/Soundtracks CD 16.50