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Eliane Radigue

Eliane Radigue (born 1932) is a French musician who has composed for synthesizer and magnetic tape since 1970. Unusually, since the early 1970s, she has tended to work almost exclusivly with a single synth, the ARP 2500 modular system. She studied with Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry intermittently in the 1950s and 60s and developed her editing techniques under their tutelage in Musique Concrete.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Geelriandre / Arthesis (Lp) Eliane Radigue Geelriandre / Arthesis (Lp) IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 464LP Electronic LP 23.90    
L'Oeuvre Electronique (14 CD Box) Eliane Radigue L'Oeuvre Electronique (14 CD Box) INA - GRM INA 6060/74 Electronic 14CD Box 60    
Jouet electronique / Elemental I (Lp) Eliane Radigue Jouet electronique / Elemental I (Lp) ALGA MARGHEN plana-R Alga029 Electronic LP 19    
Naldjorlak I, II, III (3CD box) Eliane Radigue Naldjorlak I, II, III (3CD box) SHIIIN shiiin 9 Experimental 3CD set 45    
Feedback Works 1969-1970 (LP) Eliane Radigue Feedback Works 1969-1970 (LP) ALGA MARGHEN plana-RH alga041 Electronic Vinyl LP 21.90    
Vice - Versa, Etc. (Lp) Eliane Radigue Vice - Versa, Etc. (Lp) ALGA MARGHEN plana-RH alga041 Electronic LP 19.90    
Occam Ocean Vol. 1 (2Cd) Eliane Radigue Occam Ocean Vol. 1 (2Cd) SHIIIN eer1 Compositional CDx2 28    
Opus 17 (2LP) Eliane Radigue Opus 17 (2LP) ALGA MARGHEN plana P alga045 Electronic LPx2 36    
Adnos I-III (3 Cd box) Eliane Radigue Adnos I-III (3 Cd box) IMPORTANT RECORDS imprec 028 Electronic CDx3 32    
Eliane Radigue - L'ecoute virtuose Eliane Radigue - ANAIS PROSAIC Eliane Radigue - L'ecoute virtuose LAHUIT radigue Sound Art DVD 15.50    
Trilogie de la mort (3Cd) Eliane Radigue Trilogie de la mort (3Cd) XI XI 119 Experimental CDx3 26.00    
Jetsun Mila (2cd) Eliane Radigue Jetsun Mila (2cd) LOVELY MUSIC LCD 2003 Electronic 24    
Songs of Milarepa (2Cd) Eliane Radigue Songs of Milarepa (2Cd) LOVELY MUSIC LCD 2001 Electronic double CD 24    
Triptych Eliane Radigue Triptych IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC260 Electronic CD 14.00  
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Vice Versa, Etc. Eliane Radigue Vice Versa, Etc. IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC259 Electronic CDx2 16  
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