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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Technology (2LP Clear) Maurizio Bianchi Technology (2LP Clear) ROTORELIEF ROTOR0062-clear Electronic LPx2 36    
Extruder (Lp) Conrad Schnitzler - PHARMAKUSTIK Extruder (Lp) ROTORELIEF ROTOR0066 Electronic LP 21    
Plasmoglitch Le Syndicat - PHARMAKUSTIK Plasmoglitch ROTORELIEF ROTOR45 Experimental LP 23.90    
Plasmoglitch PHARMAKUSTIK Neurochemie ROTORELIEF ROTOR0022LP Electronic LP 17.90    
Extruder (Lp clear) Conrad Schnitzler - PHARMAKUSTIK Extruder (Lp clear) ROTORELIEF ROTOR0066-clear Electronic LP 24  
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Spülfeld Maurizio Bianchi - PHARMAKUSTIK Spülfeld Menstrualrecordings LH25 Electronic LP 3  
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 Kontraktion Conrad Schnitzler - PHARMAKUSTIK Kontraktion ROTORELIEF ROTOR0051 clear Electronic LP 21  
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 Kontraktion (clear LP) Conrad Schnitzler - PHARMAKUSTIK Kontraktion (clear LP) ROTORELIEF ROTOR0051 clear Electronic LP 24.90  
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