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Christina Kubisch

Christina Kubisch belongs to the first generation of sound artists. Trained as a composer, she has artistically developed such techniques as magnetic induction to realize her installations. Since 1986 she has added light as an artistic element to her work with sound. Christina Kubisch's work displays an artistic development which is often described as the "synthesis of arts" - the discovery of acoustic space and the dimension of time in the visual arts on the one hand, and a redefinition of relationships between material and form on the other.

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The secret life of the inaudible (2 Cd) Christina Kubisch - Annea LOCKWOOD The secret life of the inaudible (2 Cd) GRUENREKORDER Gruen180 Sound Art CDx2 16    
Two And Two Christina Kubisch - Fabrizio Plessi Two And Two Song Cycle CY 988LP Sound Art LP 23.90    
Mosaique mosaic Christina Kubisch - Eckehard Guther Mosaique mosaic GRUENREKORDER Gruen 1391 Sound Art CD 16    
Mono Fluido Christina Kubisch Mono Fluido IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 327 Sound Art CD 14    
Magnetic Flights Christina Kubisch Magnetic Flights IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 328 Sound Art CD 14    
Wellenfang - Wave catcher Christina Kubisch Wellenfang - Wave catcher SKULPTURENMUSEUM MARL isbn 9783924792851 Sound Art Book+DVD 23.90    
Scott 2 Scott WALKER Scott 2 FONTANA 510 880-2 Folk CD 11.00    
That Mysterious Forest Below London Bridge VARIOUS That Mysterious Forest Below London Bridge MATCHLESS RECORDINGS MRCD 70 Experimental CD 10.00    
On air Christina Kubisch On air DIE SCHACHTEL DS3 Sound Art 15.00    
Split (Lp) Christina Kubisch - ELEH Split (Lp) IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 451LP Electronic LP 22.90  
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Licht himmel Christina Kubisch Licht himmel Gasometer Oberhausen GOK Electronic CD 15  
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Works  74/75 Christina Kubisch Works 74/75 GIANCARLO POLITI EDITORE politi77 Sound Art BOOK 30.00  
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Live at No Fun Fest 2007 Carlos GIFFONI - Aaron DILLOWAY Live at No Fun Fest 2007 NO FUN PRODUCTIONS NFP-22 Experimental CD 14.00  
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Invisible-Inaudible. Five electrical walks Christina Kubisch Invisible-Inaudible. Five electrical walks IMPORTANT RECORDS imprec 167 Sound Art CD digipack 14  
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Oneiromancer Aidan BAKER Oneiromancer DIE STADT DS 90 Electronic CD 13.45  
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