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Emmanuel Allard

Emmanuel Allard is a visual and sound artist based in Paris. Also known as Fabriquedecouleurs, Allard began performing computer music in the late 90s, co-operating the List label in the early 2000s and releasing "Imite Moi" (Dorodine) in 2003.

He started using analog modular synthesizers in 2008, notably the ARP 2500, a machine favored by French composer Eliane Radigue. For "Nouvelles Upanishads du Yoga", his new release on Baskaru, Emmanuel Allard has been exploring extended synthesis techniques with a hybrid digital-analog Buchla system.

Allard has performed internationally in venues such as Batofar, Instants Chavirés, Centre Pompidou, École des Beaux-Arts (Paris), Tonic, Diapason Gallery (New York), Aichi University (Japan) and appeared at several festivals including GRM-Présences Électronique at Radio France, Mal au pixel (Paris), RADAR (Mexico), and PEAM (Italy).

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