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Leonel Kaplan

Leonel Kaplan has been part of the improvised music scene since the early 2000, performing and recording throughout South America, Europe and U.S. with musicians like Lê Quan Ninh, Michel Doneda, Axel Doerner, Xavier Charles, Ivar Grydeland, Diego Chamy, Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelley and Christof Kurzmann between many others. He is also part of groups like “Silo” (w/Nate Wooley & Audrey Chen), “Dog” (w/Tatsuya Nakatani), “Diasporas” (w/Ly Thanh Tiên & Didier Lasserre) and “ACK” (w/Tetuzi Akiyama & Edén Carrasco)

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