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Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth was a Swiss artist best known for his artist's books, editioned prints, sculptures, and works made of found materials, including rotting food stuffs. The dark undertone and furious, obsessive energy of his work ultimately separated him from many of the more lighthearted Fluxus artists. Perhaps despite himself, he was a fluent draftsman and expert printmaker, and his drawings and prints contained his wild energy within peculiarly virtuosic forms. Compared to the innumerable self-described artists of the last several decades who faked their way through his sort of work, Mr. Roth was the genuine item.

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Canciones de Cadaques Dieter Roth - Richard Hamilton Canciones de Cadaques PRIMARY INFORMATION PI008 Sound Art 2 x 7" 19,90    
And away with the minutes Dieter Roth And away with the minutes Edizioni Periferia ISBN 9783906016368 Sound Art BOOK + Dvd 56  
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Dieter Roth and Music (LP box) Dieter Roth Dieter Roth and Music (LP box) Edizioni Periferia Sound Art LP box 650  
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Discography Dieter Roth Discography Edizioni Periferia ISBN: 978-3-906016-34-4 Sound Art BOOK 56  
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Harmonica Curse Dieter Roth Harmonica Curse Edizioni Periferia ISBN: 978-3-906016-33-7 Sound Art BOOK 58  
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