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Felicia Atkinson

Visual artist and musician released records under her own name and the moniker Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier with different labels such as Spekk, Hibernate, Kaugummi, Digitalis, Stunned... Her music pieces and drawings are often improvised and inspired by her travels and night visions.
Felicia Atkinson is born in 1981 in France and currently lives and works her art and music between Brussels and Paris

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Hand In Hand (2Lp) Felicia Atkinson Hand In Hand (2Lp) Shelter Press SP081 Sound Art LPx2 25.90    
Comme Un Seul Narcisse Jefre CANTU-LEDESMA - Felicia Atkinson Comme Un Seul Narcisse Shelter Press SP070 Electronic LP 18,90    
A Readymade Ceremony Felicia Atkinson A Readymade Ceremony Shelter Press SP055 Electronic LP 15.90  
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