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Asmus Tietchens (born 1947, Hamburg), who also records under the monikers Hematic Sunsets and Club of Rome, is a German composer of avant-garde music. Tietchens became interested in experimental music and musique concrete as a child, and began recording sound experiments in 1965 with electronic musical instruments, synthesizers and tape loops.  His early recordings feature more accessible synthesized music, but beginning with Formen Letzer Hausmusik, his 1984 release for Nurse With Wound's label United Dairies, he began moving toward more abstract sound collages. He has taught acoustics in Hamburg since 1990.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Linea + Asmus TIETCHENS Linea + KLANGGALERIE GG 266CD Electronic CD 15    
Fahl Asmus TIETCHENS Fahl Farmacia901 F90112 Electronic CD 11    
Eisgang Asmus TIETCHENS Eisgang KLANGGALERIE GG 250CD Electronic CD 15    
Dammerattacke Asmus TIETCHENS Dammerattacke KLANGGALERIE GG 251CD Electronic CD 15    
Watching The Burning Bride (2Cd) Asmus TIETCHENS Watching The Burning Bride (2Cd) DIE STADT DS 117 Electronic CD 19.90    
Deflections Asmus TIETCHENS - Fabio Perletta Deflections AUF ABWEGEN aatp59 Electronic CD 14.50    
Spät-Europa Asmus TIETCHENS Spät-Europa DIE STADT DS 68 Electronic CD 15.50    
E Asmus TIETCHENS - Okko Bekker E DIE STADT DS 115 Electronic CD 15.50    
Ornamente (Zwischen Null und Eins) Asmus TIETCHENS Ornamente (Zwischen Null und Eins) LINE LINE_073 Electronic CD 14,50    
Biotop Asmus TIETCHENS Biotop DIE STADT DS 61 Electronic CD 15.50    
Nachtstucke (Lp) Asmus TIETCHENS Nachtstucke (Lp) Bureau B BB155 Psych LP 17.90    
Der Funfte Himmel (Lp) Asmus TIETCHENS Der Funfte Himmel (Lp) Bureau B BB156 Psych LP 17.90    
In Die Nacht (Lp) Asmus TIETCHENS In Die Nacht (Lp) Bureau B BB143LP Psych LP 17.90    
Litia (Lp) Asmus TIETCHENS Litia (Lp) Bureau B BB 144LP Psych LP 17.90    
Fast ohne Titel, Korrosion Asmus TIETCHENS Fast ohne Titel, Korrosion BLACK ROSE RECORDINGS BRCD 13 Electronic CD 13