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Best known as a visual artist whose bold, childlike images are among the most striking and identifiable works of the mid-twentieth century, the French painter and sculptor Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985) was also one of the most fascinating outsider musicians of recent times. His musical output consists solely of a number of recordings made in 1960-61 with the Danish painter Asger Jorn, after which Dubuffet abandoned music in order to devote himself fully to visual art.

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Musical Experiences (Lp) Jean DUBUFFET Musical Experiences (Lp) États-Unis ETAT006 Sound Art LP 23.90    
Coucou Bazar (2Cd) Jean DUBUFFET Coucou Bazar (2Cd) SUB ROSA SR350 Experimental CDx2 16.90    
États-Unis Bundle II (5 Lp) Annea LOCKWOOD - Jean DUBUFFET - John DUNCAN - Warner Jepson - Remko Scha États-Unis Bundle II (5 Lp) États-Unis ETAT006-10 Sound Art 5 LP Bundle 110  
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Expériences Musicales 1961 Jean DUBUFFET Expériences Musicales 1961 JEANNE DIELMAN JD 112LP Sound Art LPx2 23.90  
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Experiences Musicales (II) Jean DUBUFFET Experiences Musicales (II) RUMPSTI PUMSTI EDITION Nummer 13 Sound Art CDx2 24.00  
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Experiences Musicales ou La Musique Chauve Jean DUBUFFET Experiences Musicales ou La Musique Chauve MANDALA MAN 4871 Sound Art CD 16.50  
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Expériences musicales Jean DUBUFFET Expériences musicales FONDATION DUBUFFET isbn 978-2-913986-04-6 Sound Art book, 232 pages + CD 37.50  
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