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Morphogenesis started recording in January 1985 and our first public performance was at the West Square Festival in London in July '85. The group was formed by a group of people interested in exploring the possibilities of live electronic music and collective improvisation. Our preferred choice is to work in a live situation where the clash of different performance spaces, available equipment and general atmosphere creates a more diverse music. The members of the group come from a wide range of musical backgrounds and have worked in a variety of musical activities outside of the group. The groups aim is to unify and integrate many diverse sound elements, (electronic, vocal, instrumental and environmental) within a context of continual evolution and group dialogue. We construct our own instruments in addition to using adapted or prepared conventional instruments - usually violin, piano and acoustic guitar. The range of sounds are further extended by means of filtering and other forms of signal processing. Contact microphones are used to amplify the sounds of bubbling water and other small sounds. All these accoustic sounds are enhanced by electronic filtering etc.
Members: Clive Graham, Roger Sutherland, Ron Briefel, Micha, Fred Sansom, Andy Courdry
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