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improvization band with a heap of Unfinished Sixties Business factored in (the real-time-from-scratch multilayered equivalent of "I Am the Walrus," let's say)...Free Music in its grandest, and least superficial, sense (à la the denser moments of Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz)...a ritual fusing of any and all musics and non-musics at the level of the hum, the blap, the tink, the boom.
Member of LAFMS - Los Angeles Free Music Society , SMEGMA
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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Abacus Incognito (Lp) SMEGMA Abacus Incognito (Lp) ALGA MARGHEN TES 158LP Experimental LP 19.90    
Look'n for Ya (1973-75) SMEGMA Look'n for Ya (1973-75) ALGA MARGHEN TES 154LP Sound Art LP 21    
Mirage (Lp) SMEGMA Mirage (Lp) IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC311LP Experimental LP 16.90    
Ya Gotta Get Really Crazy SMEGMA Ya Gotta Get Really Crazy Thalamos THLMS08 Electronic TAPE 8  
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Ya Gotta Get Really Crazy SMEGMA - BLOOD STEREO Guff Vout Mulch NASHAZPHONE NP-10 Experimental Vinyl LP 17.50  
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I Am Not Artist (1973-1988) 6Lp Box SMEGMA I Am Not Artist (1973-1988) 6Lp Box VINYL-ON-DEMAND VOD 70 Experimental Box LPx6 + DVD 75  
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33 1/3 (Lp) SMEGMA 33 1/3 (Lp) IMPORTANT RECORDS Imprec 145 Experimental LP 9.90  
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