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Steve Beresford (born 1950) is a British musician. He has played a variety of instruments, including piano, electronics, trumpet, euphonium, bass guitar and a wide variety of toy instruments, such as the toy piano. He has also played a wide range of music. He is probably best known for free improvisation, but has also written music for film and television and has been involved with a number of pop music groups. Beresford has continued to play free improvisation with a number of prominent musicians, including Evan Parker, Lol Coxhill, John Zorn, and Han Bennink. He has collaborated extensively with Swiss-American artist/musician Christian Marclay and is an active member of the long-standing London Improvisers Orchestra.

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Whirled Music (Lp) David Toop - Steve BERESFORD - Max Eastley - Paul Burwell Whirled Music (Lp) BLACK TRUFFLE BT 034LP Sound Art LP 19.90    
Pleasures of the Horror (Lp) Alex WARD - Eugene CHADBOURNE - Steve BERESFORD Pleasures of the Horror (Lp) Bisou BIS-005 Jazz LP 19.90    
Live at White Cube (Lp) Steve BERESFORD Live at White Cube (Lp) THE VINYL FACTORY VF148 Experimental LP 29.90  
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Deadly Weapons David Toop - Steve BERESFORD - John ZORN - Tonie Marshall Deadly Weapons NATO nato 950 Experimental CD 15.90  
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White String's Attached (1979) Nigel COOMBES - Steve BERESFORD White String's Attached (1979) EMANEM Emanem 5032 Jazz CD 13.50  
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