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The chord catalogue / Within fourths/Within fifths Tom JOHNSON - Samuel VRIEZEN The chord catalogue / Within fourths/Within fifths EDITION WANDELWEISER EWR 1304 Electronic CD 14.50    
Counting Keys Tom JOHNSON Counting Keys EDITION WANDELWEISER EWR 0901 Experimental CD 14.99    
Kientzy plays Johnson Tom JOHNSON Kientzy plays Johnson POGUS PRODUCTIONS Pogus 21033 Compositional Form CD 13.50    
Rational Melodies Tom JOHNSON Rational Melodies ANTS AG 12 Sound Art CD 9.90    
Rational Melodies Tom JOHNSON Orgelpark color chart MAZAGRAN mz003 Electronic CD digipack deluxe 13.00  
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Rational melodies Tom JOHNSON Rational melodies NEW WORLD RECORDS NW 80705 Compositional Form CD 12.45  
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Organ and Silence Tom JOHNSON Organ and Silence ANTS AG 05 Compositional CD 9.90  
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The chord catalogue Tom JOHNSON The chord catalogue XI XI 123 Compositional Form CD 13.50  
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