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Manuel Zurria was born in Catania in 1962 and has been living in Rome since 1980. He worked with some of the most important italian composers such as Francesco Pennisi, Sylvano Bussotti, Aldo Clementi, Adriano Guarnieri, Franco Donatoni, Fabio Vacchi and Salvatore Sciarrino, premiering concertos and chamber pieces often dedicated to him.

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  Artist Title Label Catnum Genre Format Price  
Landscape with Tears Manuel ZURRIA Landscape with Tears DIE SCHACHTEL DSZC13 Compositional Form CD 15    
Joy Flashings Philip Corner - Manuel ZURRIA Joy Flashings DIE SCHACHTEL DSC8 Electronic CD digipack dluxe 14.99    
Loops4ever Manuel ZURRIA Loops4ever MAZAGRAN MZ001 Electronic CDx2 digipack deluxe 21.00    
repeat! Manuel ZURRIA repeat! DIE SCHACHTEL ZEITC 1 Compositional Form CDx3 digipack deluxe 30.00  
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