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Les Rallizes Denudes

Les Rallizes Dénudés are an influential, yet reclusive Japanese psychedelic noise band. They were formed in 1967, and the band was known for their ties to avant-garde theater groups (as typified by Shuji Terayama's troupe) and leftist political groups, as well as for their feedback-drenched live shows and use of strobe lights and mirror balls onstage, which earned them comparisons to the Velvet Underground. Most of their albums that have been released are in very limited editions. The band's style is typified by simple, repeated bass lines and shrieking guitar feedback. In 1970, the original bass player Moriaki Wakabayashi was involved in the hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351 orchestrated by the Japanese Red Army. Singer Takashi Mizutani was allegedly offered a role in the hijacking but turned it down.
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