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tanake - 3ree



€ 10.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. bronto 009 | YEAR. (2007)

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Tanake is unexpected music, hearth lungs sweat (even brain but kept in a hidden place), is music mentally physic, is music physically mental, is twilight at dawn, bitter honey, fresh decomposition, joy in crying. tanake is music generated by her 3ree sweethearts... In the early days [by the way: in the first album "tsu.zu.ku" (2000) tanake meant to reach structure by means of improvisation, but time left the songwriter soul all alone, and tanake's been surrounded by the never ending claustrophobic spaces of pure improvisation: "Reazioni pilomotorie" (2004). Melody and cacophony, the opposites stays togheter in a meeting of melodic dissonances proud of generating rarefied climaxes slackenly generating anxiety, instruments stroken to create sweet melodies, or sometimes fondled till they roar their pain... trembling, greedy of eardrum to beat and caress... An evidence of this process is the new album "3ree", released by Ebria Records, Nipa.Prodz. and Fratto9 Under the Sky Records and distributed in italy by Jazz Today. Tanake has played in many festivals, clubs, squats, cultural associations and art galleries with different artists like Ulan Bator (F), Kaffe Matthews (UK), OvO, Zu, Sinistri, Damo Suzuki's Network, Anatrofobia, Giuseppe Ielasi, Tasaday, Vonneumann, I/O, Tiziano Tononi, Uncode Duello, With Love, Inferno and many others.

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