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50 Ans d'Acousmatique - excerpt 1
50 Ans d'Acousmatique - excerpt 2
50 Ans d'Acousmatique - excerpt 3
50 Ans d'Acousmatique - excerpt 4

Francois Bayle

50 Ans d'Acousmatique (15CD Box)

Label: INA - GRM

Format: 15 CD Box

Genre: Electronic

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**Lucky restock, sold-out at eource** Monumental! Lavishly conceived, superlative 15-CD Boxset with 160-page (French, English) booklet, a dream come true!!!! François Bayle's itinerary spans over five decades through which music was able to renovate its material through a sensible use of technology. The terms of Musique Concrète, Electroacoustics or Acousmatics, as conveniently proposed by François Bayle, ultimately explore a similar artistic approach: a creative and expressive work on recorded sound. This last half-century saw many major technical mutations and François Bayle - in the fertile context of the Grm seized the right opportunities, often initiating them through his function as director, so as to renovate and update creativity to serve what he called the Light Speed Sound. The fifty opuses in this box set are all markers or beacons illuminating this musical adventure firmly placed under the sign of modernity. Listening through them with a curious and active ear is also a way of witnessing how utopia can occur; how yesterday's strange sounds are now fully part of our audible landscape.' Christian Zanési.

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Bringing together its archiving, research and training missions, the French national audiovisual institute has been operating, since its creation, at the crossroads of cultural heritage and cutting-edge innovation. these two facets naturally meet in this box set release, recounting the history of half a century of musical avant-garde. François Bayle remains one of the leading figures of the musical research Group, which he directed from 1966 to 1997. Besides, work is emblematic of an approach combining indivisible aesthetic and technological quests, which continues today through the concerts and research activities of the ina Grm. each of these pieces can thus be regarded both as storical evidence and as the still relevant acousmatic approach, turning space into a dimension




Cat. number: INA G 6033-6047
Year: 2012