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A Trip Around The World - excerpt

Alessandro Alessandroni

A Trip Around the World (LP)

Label: Saar

Format: LP

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

300 copies on black vinyl Finally available, the maestro Alessandroni's holy grail "A Trip Around the World"  reissued on fresh wax!  The result of the collaboration between Sonor, the original producer and distributor Btf and Saar Records, original publisher - Limited edition of 300 copies only released on green vinyl This insane masterpiece, largerly considered among the very best Alessandroni's albums, is also one of the most elusive Italian Library recordings out there. The dreamy orchestrations arranged by the maestro himself are in perfect connection with Gianfranco Di Lelio's harmonica, and the mindblowing Lounge atmospheres are filled with incredible basslines and drum sets.
Cat. number: LPS 6130
Year: 2019

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