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af ursin

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af ursin - Aika

af ursin


€ 56.00

LABEL: La Scie Dorée
GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. Scie 608 | YEAR. (2008)

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insanely effort-oriented release from timo “af ursin” van luijk, consisting of an lp record (covering five new pieces) housed inside an individually hand-made lp sleeve (these are taped together at the seams, again, one-at-a-time) each with a different “vintage” photo glued into the gatefold, signed by timo, with the whole package housed in a “vintage dust jacket” (these look / feel like they’ve been in the smoke-filled attic of a parisian pathe-marconi shop since about 1964) completing the “not from this era” vibe ...
the music is something of a departure for timo ; instead of a suite of drone-oriented string pieces, this appears to be an electro-acoustic construct, utilizing recordings of chamber-music, ghostly vapor-trails of distant voices, and radio / telemetry noises to evoke a feeling akin to “electronic voice phenomena” ...
sure, the edition is a bit of collectro-bait (sic) borrowed from his recent dendoshi “band-mate” raymond dijkstra, but i’ll forgive / forget given that each copy obviously took a hell of a lot of time / effort to produce ...MIMAROGLU   

Notes   Tracklisting
Subtitle: Un Reveil sidérant dans le passé décomposé Enrégistré à Kulta Saha, Aout 2008. Comes in a hand-assembled gatefold sleeve with stamps and original photos. Each cover is unique and numbered and signed by the artist. Limited edition of 177 copies: 1 copy not for sale: numbered HC 26 copies reserved for friends: numbered A-Z 150 copies: numbered 1-150
A1   Esclarmond
A2   Marche Arrière
A3   Sortilège
B1   Ombre Oubliée
    Piano - F. Croene*
B2   Un Reveil