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henri texier

Amir (Lp)
€ 21.90
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henri texier - Amir (Lp)

henri texier

Amir (Lp)

€ 21.90

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. JMS 001 | YEAR. (2018)

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**small restock available, very last copies - edition of 300 only, don't miss this wonder** This is the 1976 debut solo release by the French bassist Henry Texier, who usually performed as a session player for artists such as Don Cherry and Phil Woods in the 60s, however, 'Amir' is something totally different from what these names might usually conjure up for us in our imaginations. From the moment you drop the needle on this record, you can recognize you are hearing something vastly unique and with its own sense of voice and identity. The simplicity of the combinations here, capturing perfectly Texier's sublime bass playing and the ethereal multi layered vocal intonations which sound as though they were carried on a desert wind to our ears. Sounds that are as old as time. That is what is so endearing about Texier's music. The space and the environment which he is able to create around the listener. Something agrarian and pastoral. Something untamed and yet deeply equanimous.
These minimal arrangements comprise of Texier's vocal incantations, which are wordless, that follow a counter melody to the steady rhythmic pulses of a bounding bass which dances playfully with an ancient sounding Oud and some sparse hand percussion in the form of a shaker or hand clapping. Occasionally accompanied by an Ocarina, which again gives 'Amir' a sense of primitive and ancient earthiness. For lack of a better description, 'Amir' is quite a 'spiritual' and almost 'transcendental' listening experience and for it to be labelled simply "jazz" is almost a crime. This is a mix of New Age, Minimalism, Avant-Garde, Raga and something completely else. Something without precedence.

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