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Ann Arbor (Lp)
€ 17.90
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totenkopf - Ann Arbor (Lp)
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Improvising Post Punk


Ann Arbor (Lp)

€ 17.90

LABEL: Cameleon Records
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. CAME22 | YEAR. (2018)

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Reissue of an obscure 1978 LP in Ash-Ra Tempel/Stooges vein. The tracks forming Tötenköpfs first album were composed between 1970 and 1976 by the Frenchman Bruno Rooke. Eventually, they have been put to tape (in gogolphonic sound) during his stay in Karlstad (Sweden) in February-March 1978. Rooke (vocals, drums, keyboards, percussions) recorded with the help of his cousin Erland Malberg (bass, guitar, effects) and a friend of the latter, Mats Meyer-Lie (guitar, tapes, violin), a chaotic album titled "Ann Arbor" as a direct reference to the Detroits suburb hometown of the MC5 and the Stooges. Originally pressed in a handful of copies on Rookes own "Agression" label, "Ann Arbor" is an explosive mix of free rock and proto punk, previously known only by a few record collectors scattered around Sweden, France and Germany. In addition to the obvious influences of the Stooges and the MC5, the group also pleaded allegiance to the Velvet Underground, Neu! and Can. In fact, the sound of Tötenköpf is closer to the experiments of Destroy All Monsters first incarnation or Les Rallizes Dénudés, except that the group, under the influence of its leader, was involuntarily anchored in a very French tradition of speed freaks such as Mahogany Brain, Barricade or Gutura. In the end, the result had reminiscences of bands like Debris, Madrigal or Angel Face. This record is unique the French landscape, a piece of history of truly alternative rock: a deviant fucked up album made without any concession. Too punk to be issued by labels like Futura or Pôle (where it still would have feel like home) and too experimental and psychedelic to have been noticed by the punks. On the same label and in complete anonymity, the trio released "Diktat" in 1981, a second amazing album - unfortunately plagued by very bad sound quality - before disintegrating. "Ann Arbor" is finally reissued for the first time by Caméléon Records, with a limited pressing of 500 copies, remastered directly from the original tapes provided by Bruno Rooke.” - Cameleon.

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