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Another Merzbow records
€ 20.40
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merzbow - Another Merzbow records


Another Merzbow records

€ 20.40

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CDx3 | CATALOG N. DPROMTCD 75 | YEAR. (2010)

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'We kick-off 2010 with possibly the most essential Merzbow release for many years. This 3CD set is culled from appearances on various compilations, ranging from the most obscure cassette releases, to long out of print gems on labels such as Blast First and Susan Lawly. This material spans an entire decade from 1991 to 2001 and as such, tells its own story of the development and sonic chicanery that is the Merzbow sound during this time. If you only own one Merzbow work, this is the one to have. The three CDs in full colour sleeves are packed inside a beautiful bronze printed slip case and the set is limited to 1000 copies. CD1: 'Glass' (from 'Extreme Music From Japan' Susan Lawly,UK 1994), 'Yahowa Stackridge' (from 'Conception: The Dark Evolution Of Electronics Vol.1' AVA-Live Bait, USA 1997), 'Hiturbo No. 4' (from 'X-X Section', Extreme, Australia 1991), 'Phillo-Jazz Electronica' (from 'Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy' Fool's Paradise, UK, 1994) 20 (from 'Extreme Music From Japan'), 'Pretties For You' (from 'Music Should Hurt', SelfAbuse, USA, 1996), 'Eat Beat Eat #2' (from 'Scumtron' Blast First, UK 1997) CD 2: 'Ooga Booga' (from 'Wohlstand German-Japanese Noise Compilation' Human Wreckords, Germany 1994), 'Elephant Memory' (from 'Indiscreet Stereo Test Record' Discreet-Indiscreet Music,Canada 1995), 'Eat Beat Eat #1'(from 'Scumtron' Blast First,1997), 'Motorond' (from 'NonStopNoiseParty' Hond in De Goot, Holand,1996) 'Superhead' (from'Come Again II' Furnace,USA,1993), 'Elysia, Valley Of The Metal' (from 'World Record' Alchemy, Japan,1992), 'Audio Pubic' (from 'The Rebirth Of Fool I' , Dual Plover, Australia,1997). CD 3: 'T-2000' (from 'Switching Rethorics',Bisect Bleep Industries, France, 2001), 'Vanlla Groon' (from 'Switching Rethorics'), 'Ab Hunter' (from Split Series 1-8, Fat Cats, UK, 1999), 'Black Cat' (from 'Switching Rethorics'), 'Routemaster' (from 'Avanto-00', Avant, Finland, 2000)' label info

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1.2Yahowa Stackridge  
1.3Hiturbo No. 4  
1.4Phillo-Jazz Electronica  
1.6Pretties for You  
1.7Eat Beat Eat #2  
2.1Ooga Booga  
2.2Elephant Memory  
2.3Eat Beat Eat #1  
2.6Elysia, Valley of the Metal  
2.7Audio Pubic  
3.2Vanlla Groon  
3.3Ab Hunter  
3.4Black Cat