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Ash Ra Tempel

Ash Ra Tempel

Label: MG.ART

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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The reissue of historic, early albums of Germany's legendary space/psych outfit is a legitimately great thing, and the network of people who continue to discover this stuff seems to expand daily with no let up. The first, self-titled, Ash Ra Tempel album, from 1971, is a flat-out massive overdriven psych monster. Formed by Klaus Schulze (on drums & electronics, after having left Tangerine Dream), guitarist Manuel Gottsching (who would remain the one constant with Ash Ra), and Hartmut Enke (bass), this is the most intense recording in their discography & an absolute must if you're interested in the early glories of Krautrock bliss.

"These freaks were fit. Superhuman. Superman." Julian Cope

Cat. number: MGART 111
Year: 2011


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