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Astra & Knyst
€ 12.00 € 6.00
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voks - Astra & Knyst
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Astra & Knyst

€ 12.00 € 6.00

GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. 033 | YEAR. (2009)

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Now Voks is finally presenting his first full-length album (though only 30 minutes long this is epic in Voks' universe - both 3"CD's included 10 tracks each within 20 minutes). While keeping his trademark style of hyperactive and nervous high-pitched twisted pop songs a newborn interest in (italo-western) movie soundtracks seems to be evident. The sound of super fast surf guitars is colliding with what seems chinese opera samples, world music is combined with children's whisteling tunes. Think Raymond Scott, Joe Meek, Ennio Morricone or Carl Stalling collaborating with the Residents and then getting an 8-bit remix by the Aphex Twin. A surprising & amazing record, really! It will leave a huge grin on your face (and a few question marks as well)....

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01. Astra
02. Krat
03. Kinak
04. Pistol
05. Papirmekanik
06. Kakla
07. Tromle
08. Kreds
09. Klap Dingdot
10. Okse
11. Tonkmaskine
12. Knyst