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synth sisters

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synth sisters  - Aube
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synth sisters


€ 18.90

LABEL: 17853 Records
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. RFLP002 | YEAR. (2016)

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Killer LP of haunting, contemporary yet timeless synth scapes and pulsating ambient from Japan’s Synth Sisters. Chee Shimizu’s 17853 label has become the focus of much attention over the past couple of years as electronic music from the far east has gained traction, with Chee's record shop Organic Music becoming something of a centrepoint for collectors far and wide. Although this is only the second release on the label, it's the one everyone seems to be talking about, penned by Osaka's Rie Lambdoll and Mayuko and gaining many fans since that limited CD release came and went in 2014. From the top, the see-sawing arpeggios and lunar sirens of I’m Calling You From A Distance sounds something like Motion Sickness of Time Travel scoring a particularly trippy new age showreel, whereas A.U.B.E. - written in tribute to the deceased hero of the Japanese noise scene - follows more turbulent vectors into twisted techno pop with hugely spacious dimensions and a real, head-tuning dancefloor appeal in the right situation. The other side is much sweeter. but not without something darker, unexplained lurking int he background throughout the hyaline chimes of Silver Dust, which also informs the lost-in-space melancholy of Sunrise, Guide Us, and the Global Communication-esque 25 September. Very satisfying to hear someone nodding to ‘90s synth music, rather than the usual ‘70s/‘80s touchstones.

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