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Alvin Lucier

Bird and person dyning

Label: Get Back

Format: Vynil 12

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"American avant-garde composer Alvin Lucier is well-known for his pioneering exploration of the physical properties of sound including the use of brainwaves to generate music. This LP features two of Lucier's groundbreaking early works. Lucier himself described his Bird and Person Dyning project in the following way: I got this electronic bird in the mail, a Christmas tree ornament, and you simply plugged it in, and it made this birdcall... I had this idea to put binaural mikes in my ears and to head that bird and to move my head and pan the sound of the bird around in space. I had a mike in one ear and one in the other and I could make the stereo image by moving my head, so I started the birdcall and I put the amplifier on, and I started to get feedback and I discovered that these beautiful interference patterns were occurring between the sound to the birdcall and the strands of feedback. The flipside ('The Duke of New York') deals with the power of entertainers in our society and the hypothesis that their voices are present on different levels in our memory.
Cat. number: get 420
Year: 1970