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Robbie Basho

Bonn Ist Supreme

Label: Bo Weavil Recordings

Format: CD

Genre: Folk

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Another in the Wooden Weavil series, this time an unreleased live Robbie Basho recording from Germany in 1980. This program appears to have been recorded in one go. Robbie scatters his Americana numbers throughout, beginning with 'Redwood Ramble,' ending with 'California Raga.' This date finds Robbie in fine fettle, his playing sharpened by the intensity of touring, his mood seems ebullient, at times (as on 'Fandango') he comes off like John Lee Hooker's sun-kissed cousin, stomping furiously along to his playing. There is sweetness to his material, yes, but this is not, as Jack Rose put it, 'music for wineries.' There is the galloping muscularity of Basho's playing, coupled with the sheer hugeness of his sound; the fearless employment of dissonance as part of his musical make-up; a love for the unexpected chord change. Robbie was a voracious and uncompromising player. Basho's singing was as integral to who he was as his guitar playing, and when he opened his mouth, he filled the room with sound. Say what you like about his lyrics, no one can accuse Basho of dilettantism, of dabbling, or of trying something on merely for effect. Whatever bag he was in, he was in all the way. Liner notes from Glenn Jones & Stephen Basho-Junghans, and beautifully remastered by Glenn Jones


Cat. number: WEAVIL 029CD
Year: 2008