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Cassettencombinat - West-Berlin 1980-1981
€ 120.00 € 100.00
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various - Cassettencombinat - West-Berlin 1980-1981
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Cassettencombinat - West-Berlin 1980-1981

€ 120.00 € 100.00

LABEL: Vinyl-On-Demand
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: Vinyl LPx3 box | CATALOG N. VOD 36 | YEAR. (2006)

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This is the special limited edition for friends of VOD and artists with screenprinted box set with orange picture but without text on side of the box. Vinyl colours according to the colours of the jackets. All the tracks – most rare and long out of print - have been compiled by Kiddy of Sprung Aus Den Wolken who also ran the label. Includes Sprung Aus Den Wolken, A.v.Borsig/Sentimentale Jugend, Leben und Arbeiten, Frau Siebenrock Combo, Out, Lemmy Und Die Schomker, Meisterwerk Sprung/Borsig/Aus Lauter Liebe and Einwegexistenz/Out. An excellent snapshot of the early-eighties industrial/punk underground. Edition of 99 copies

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