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Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983-88 (10 LP box)
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muslimgauze - Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983-88 (10 LP box)
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Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones 1983-88 (10 LP box)

€ 260.00 € 220.00

LABEL: Vinyl-On-Demand
GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: | CATALOG N. VOD 121 | YEAR. (2014)

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Milestone!!!! Price include worldwide delivery - pre-orders, already few remaining at the label: of all the incredible releases compiled by Vinyl On Demand in the last few years, this one is by some distance their biggest coup. This epic 10 LP box set compiles the earliest material from Bryn Jones aka Muslimgauze dating back to 1983 and upto 1988. It includes a whole raft of mindblowing productions that will surprise and inspire anyone with even just a vague notion of what the sound of Muslimgauze was really all about. If you've heard Vinyl on Demand's 2006 'Complete Oblique' set you'll no doubt already have an inkling of just how inspired Jones' material from this era is - exploring often brilliantly jarring elements of post-industrial, proto-techno, noise and ambience, as well as early explorations of Middle Eastern rhythms and themes that would go on to typify so much of his later works. With VoD's typical attention to detail the set includes the entire Muslimgauze discography spanning these formative years, all fully remastered and pressed up at Pallas, housed in a deluxe box that also includes the definitive book about Muslimgauze - the 208 Page "Chasing The Shadow.." written By Ibrahim Khider, as well as a poster and CD.

Muslimgauze: Chasing the Shadow of Bryn Jones is an Anthology of his early musical output and a biography on the late Bryn Jones, a Manchester, England-based musician who produced nearly 200 albums (some were multi-disc sets) between 1982 to 1998 and passed away aged 38 in 1999. Though the majority of his catalog is instrumental, his music is considered controversial by some where some retailers who went so far as to ban selected catalog items. An anti-colonialist at heart, Jones dedicated most of his music to Muslim-world struggles during his lifetime such as Soviet-occupied Afghanistan, the Iran/Iraq war, and the Lebanon civil war, to name a few, with an emphasis on the Israel/Palestine conflict. Jones was pro-Palestinian, often evidenced on album and track titles as well as dedications. It was the albums dedicated to the struggles of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) that resulted in the mentioned ban.

Muslimgauze music can be considered a sonic treatise on Muslim-world conflicts in the form of exotic soundscape narratives, driving musical protest and rhythmic assertion. As a side effect of being prolific, Jones worked in a variety of styles and successfully melded traditional ethnic music of places he championed with Western urban stylings such as techno, breakbeat, and dub. Some credit him as being the ‘Godfather of Dubstep’, the current musical rage. Perhaps Jones’ musical brilliance shone brightest as an audio editor who deftly juxtaposed unlikely sounds in ways that now cannot be envisioned otherwise. Others simply consider his music ‘not of this world’ and ‘not of this time’

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Strictly Limited Edition run of 500 Box Sets Containining 10 LP Booklike-Folder Set Covering All Muslimgauze Recordings Ranging From 1983-1988, a 15-Track-CD Compiled By Charles Powne Of Soleilmoon, a Large A1-Sized Poster Designed By Samuel Aka Mo and a 208 Page A4-Sized Book About The Life Of Bryn Jones. Written By Ibrahim Khider And Designed By Eric Kessel / Simon Crab, all housed in an Extra Special Outer Holder To House Book/CD And 10 LP Folder.

The 10 Vinyl LPs Are Remastered and Pressed On 180 Gram Vinyl At Pallas Germany, containing:

LP1 Opaque (Tape) 1983 Product Kinematopgraph
LP2 Kabul (Lp) 1983 Product Kinematopgraph
LP3 Hunting Out With An Aerial Eye (12") Limited 1 / Hammer And Sickle 7") 1983 / 84
LP4 Buddhist On Fire (Lp), Recloose, Loose 08 1984
LP5 Blinded Horses (Lp, Album) 1985
LP6 Flajelata (Lp, Album) 1986
LP7 Hajj (Lp, Album) 1986
LP8 Jazirat-Ul-Arab (Lp, Album) 1987
LP9 Abu Nidal (Lp, Album) 1987
LP10 The Rape Of Palestine (Lp, Album) 1988

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