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Astray (excerpt)
Clepsydra (excerpt)

Horatiu Radulescu

Clepsydra, Astray

Label: Edition RZ

Format: LP

Genre: Compositional

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**Restock of a rare, must-have record for contemporary music lovers** Great dense orchestral scraping and bowing from 1982 & 1983 by Romanian composer Horatiu Radulescu (1942-2008), among the great masters of Spectralism and subharmonics. This absorbing LP includes two groundbreaking works centered around the 'Sound Icons' - pianos standing on their sides, played with bows between the strings. On side A is the hypnotic, otherworldly Clepsydra for 16 Sound Icons (European Lucero Ensemble, dir.: H. Radulescu); on side B, then, is the chamber work Astray for 6 saxophones and Sound Icon (Saxophones: Daniel Kientzy, Sound Icon: Horatiu Radulescu). Comes with 4-page 12" booklet.

Cat. number: RZ 1007
Year: 1990

Clepsydra op. 47 (1982)
Astray op. 50 (1983)

THE SOUND ICON: a grand piano laying vertically on its side,with the strings played by bowing.

This recording was made possible by the Artists-in-Berlin Programme of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Noch Musik.

Includes 4-page 12" square booklet with bilingual (German/English) text.

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