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hermann nitsch

Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters
€ 440.00
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hermann nitsch - Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters

hermann nitsch

Das 6-Tage-Spiel Des Orgien Mysterien Theaters

€ 440.00

GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: 51xCD+3 books box | CATALOG N. organ of Corti 35.1 | YEAR. (2003)

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Compete documentation in a black hand-made box. This is the legendary documentation of Aktion Nr. 100 or "Das 6-Tage-Spiel des Orgien Mysterien Theaters, mastered from the original recordings made at Prinzendorf Castle during the epic 6 days of the 100th Aktion (3-9 August 1998). More than 48 hours of massive, monumental sound, featuring 4 orchestra groups, a substantial percussion ensemble, bells, two folkmusic/festival bands, an amplified synthesiser and a 100 voice choir. We are not fooling around here. I've only got as far as CD (26) and so far it's pretty stunning. Like a soap opera - so much time to develop and change the material. Lots of simultaneous events, lots of fascinating, long sections of bells, dissonances and mysterious harmonies. One great CD a day would last you close to two months. And this is an artwork. 20 years from now it'll be your pension. The package also includes the complete documentation of the Aktion, consisting of 3 full-size printed books (cm.21x15) with the reproduction of the full score - including star maps, drawings, paintings, formulae and graphics: Volume One, 720 pages; Volume Two, 432 pages; Volume Three, 464 pages - plus the original program given to the audience taking part in the aktion (20 full-colour pages, cm. 21x15), plus the original full-colour folded poster of the Aktion (size cm. 84x58) and a 20 page booklet (12 x 12), Numbered but unsigned copy, including the essay "The O.M. Theatre's Music", as well as liner notes and technical information (in German)

 a nice review on The Wire

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