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sissy spacek

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sissy spacek - Dash

sissy spacek


€ 15.90

LABEL: Gilgongo Records
GENRE: Noise | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. GGGR-038 | YEAR. (1970)

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Dash' is just over eight minutes long, and it's forty-three tracks. If you've heard the band before then you might know what this means - short hyperactive bursts of the finest extreme noise punk the world has likely ever witnessed. And I don't say that lightly, noise punk that is; there are instruments or at least there were, at some point, but these are chiselled away by hellish jackhammer beats and electrical blasts. It is telling that Lasse Marhaug joins the core duo of John Wiese and Corydon Ronnau for these recordings. The Norwegian noise God injects his distinct sonic signature into proceedings, giving 'Dash' even more haphazard intensity, and a few Norse numericals for those with a keen ear. It might be brief, but at no point should you think that 'Dash' is any less satisfying than any other noise album you'll hear this year. A huge recommendation (boomkat)

Notes   Tracklisting

Recorded February 2010, Los Angeles, California at F-House.

A1   Fist Purse    
A2   Uck    
A3   Get Lost    
A4   Selling Point    
A5   Vapid Fire    
A6   Cramp    
A7   (The) Repulse    
A8   Bucket    
A9   Rack Mount    
A10   Scalene    
A11   Killer Slook    
A12   Devil May Care    
A13   Topical    
A14   Hole/Pile    
A15   Fire Extinguisher    
A16   Flesk    
A17   Bubblegum    
A18   Burmese Yellow Cake    
A19   Mondo Employee    
A20   Trim    
B1   Norge EST    
B2   Your Boat Is Missing    
B3   Birth Control    
B4   Felt    
B5   Flash Boil    
B6   No Plot    
B7   Passport    
B8   Jock Reminder    
B9   Bone Flour    
B10   Whack Spot    
B11   Award    
B12   Fibrous    
B13   Service Merchandise    
B14   Anneal    
B15   VIP Afterthought    
B16   Fantasaster    
B17   Report    
B18   Mitten Spider    
B19   Big Deal/BFD    
B20   Smilax    
B21   Ape Fist