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Best of 2018
Daughters Of Time - excerpt 1
Daughters Of Time - excerpt 2
Daughters Of Time - excerpt 3
Daughters Of Time - excerpt 4
Daughters Of Time - excerpt 5

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Best of 2018

Blue Chemise

Daughters Of Time (Lp)

Label: Students of Decay

Format: LP

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Blue Chemise documents the hermetic sound world of Australia's Mark Gomes. Daughters Of Time follows 2017's brilliant full-length Influence On Dusk, released in micro-edition on Gomes's own Greedy Ventilator imprint. It is an elegiac set of vignettes recorded straight to dictaphone with minimal post-production. These pieces function in a manner akin to Loren Connor's evocative "airs", conjuring poignant, intangible senses of longing and nostalgia then disappearing well before overstaying their welcome. Regarding their genesis, Gomes points to a quote from Australian artist Robert Hunter: "It's like I'm external to them. They develop their own assertion and character; their becoming finished is a thing they decide themselves. It's unexplainable."

"We’ve been listening to it on a loop since early in the morning and really not sure if we’ll shake off that hypnagogic feeling for the rest of the day..." Boomkat

Cat. number: SOD120 LP
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic