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walter marchetti

De Musica Inversa
€ 80.00
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walter marchetti - De Musica Inversa

walter marchetti

De Musica Inversa

€ 80.00

GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: CDx4 box | CATALOG N. plana-M 30NMN.076-1/4 | YEAR. (2010)

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A MILESTONE! Alga Marghen very proudly presents the only authorized reissue of all Walter Marchetti original recordings previously released by Cramps Records. An LP sized 4CD box set including La caccia", In terram utopicam", Per la sete dell'orecchio",Natura morta" and Vandalia". Also included is the new book by Walter Marchetti titled De musica inversa",an instruction manual of both theory and practicefor the proper and improper use of music. A method for perfecting one selfin composition annotated and commented upon by Gabriele Bonomo.
The most amazing thing about music is its exterior aspect. High, vertical, translucent, almost turgid, maybe a bit too monolithic. One should, in any case, give a lot of attention to the large number of interstices which lead to the centre of the ear, where from sounds spread out through a dense network leading to more circuits which direct these same and their relationships directly to the brain, in a logic of musical articulation which is nothing less than frightening. Even if, to attentive listening, dominating all is the eye of silence".


The 180 page De musica inversa" book and all the texts included in the CD booklets are published in both English and Italian.

Too true: in all music there are, in effect, a lot of sounds henceforth more than that, too many; everything that we listen to has become heavy beyond measure, completely unbearable. Rather than chasing it we should look for how to escape from music. Everything in it is monolithic, frozen, and the notes of music which slowly, more or less, are thickening around the listeners wrap them all in dripping blankets of death."

CD edition limited to 400 copies. (the 5LP box set edition titled "Il divano dell'orecchio" is available as well)

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