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Digital Dance

Digital Dance 002 (Lp)

Label: Sub Rosa

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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After the album Total Erasement (SR 366LP, 2014), that includes the more "professional" studio recordings of Digital Dance, Digital Dance 002 is the re-release of their last cassette tape, originally released in 1981, reflecting another side of their work and the beginnings of what was to come. Stéphan Barbery of Digital Dance on the release: As the first single of Digital Dance, "Radioactivity/Computer Rock" (1979), was far from convincing for us, we created our own label, Digital Records, and released our second single, "I Sleep On The Waves/Faulty" (1979), 'Digital 001', in 1979. Afterwards, we released a cassette tape, the 'Digital Tape 002', which reflected another side of our work: not only songs but more experimental music, a work based on improvisation up to change parts of the musicians (e.g., guitarist on the drums and vice versa, reviving the very beginnings of the band). The recording was done then with very little, a cassette recorder in the middle of the rehearsal room. This record, Digital Dance 002, contains the entire 'Digital Tape 002' cassette, as recorded and compiled by Jerry WX in 1980. The sound was remodeled and mastered in 2017."

Cat. number: SR 446LP
Year: 2017

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