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riccardo sinigaglia

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riccardo sinigaglia - Dimensions

riccardo sinigaglia


€ 13.00

LABEL: Alma De Nieto
GENRE: Experimental | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. DNN 004 C | YEAR. (2020)

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Very nice late 80s early 90s recordings from the man behind Futuro Antico "In this record I have sought to integrate those element that together formed my musical identity, and which at times I have lived with some difficulty, as they derived from different, and conflicting cultures. That is the reason why some parts of the record have been written out note, and other parts were improvised. There is a continuous mix of languages, from electronic music and avant-garde to minimalism, jazz, Arabic and Hebrew music, the polyrhythms of the Far East and the classical symphonic style, which has been my first love.The pieces are conceived for soloists and computerised orchestra: the soloists have a varied experience, from the Futurism of Rossana Maggia to the Jazz of Arcari and the Jewish music of Dehò. They are not just the instrumentalists, but close collaborators and friends, and often interpret on a musical base as in jazz.“ (Riccardo Sinigaglia)

Riccardo Sinigaglia

Born in Arona in 1953, Riccardo Sinigaglia is an architect as well as musician. He teaches electronic music at Milan Conservatory where he studied during the Seventies with Angelo Paccagnini. His musical production also include music for documentaries, ballets and plays.His work is based on modes, mean tone, pitagorean scales and complex polyrhythmics: he is deeply involved in ethnomusicology, the elements of which are revisited and employed in his musical language. In 1985 he founded, together with Mario Canali, the audio-visual art group Correnti Magnetiche. The group uses computerized systems in order to create audio-visual compositions, and produces videotapes, installations and live-electronics concerts. Correnti Magnetiche works have won many prizes at international symposiums of computer art in Austria, Japan, U.S.A., Italy, Hungary and Switzerland, and they have been broadcast on TV and radio world-wide. With Luigi Andreoni he made two CD and thre LP like “Doubling Riders” a world music project.

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