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The infamoust list of musicians and bands that accompanied the first album by Nurse With Wound

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Best of 2016

Don Bradshaw-Leather

Distance Between Us (2LP)

Label: Distance

Format: LP x 2

Genre: Experimental

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First vinyl reissue of this legendary dark psych minimal masterpiece! Exact reissue, deluxe gatefold sleeve with black inner sleeves. "The music on this bizarre double album from 1972 is somewhere between gothic horror and psychedelic. Don Bradshaw Leather was apparently some kind of British occult group who self-released this album with no credits. (Also, on the record cover the name is spelled “Bradsham-Leather,” not Bradshaw Leather, as it is referred to in everything from the Nurse With Wound list to the book and web guide on early U.K. psychedelic rock -Tapestry of Delights.) The title track, which takes up the first two sides, begins with some spooky piano rambling and then more mysterious sounds are added in. Soon tribal rhythms pound away while an organ seeps in with more creepy tones. The track gets a bit more intense as the organ and piano jam with the rhythms. Though most of it is instrumental, some wordless female vocals appear toward the end of side one, as the music settles down slightly. The rest of Distance Between Us is quite similar — spooky organ and keyboard chords, obsessive piano plinking, primitive drum circle-style percussions, and other mysterious noises and drones in the background, with an overall pervasive gothic ambience, a horror film/cinematic feel.

At times quiet and restrained, other times full of freaked-out energy, parts of this would not be out of place on one of Shinjuku Thief’s Witch albums. The obsessively scary mood is sustained over all four sides. ~ Rolf Semprebon, All Music Guide

Cat. number: DIST101
Year: 2016

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